Gardening is therapeutic.  At Auntie Peaches, we garden to generate life and improve our overall health.


Auntie Peaches Garden is a collaborative effort, developed by Dr. Nwamara’s herbal apprentices.  With the use of organic herb seeds and plants this little garden was designed.  The main reason for it existence is to teach novice herbalists how to start gardening and to improve their plant growing skills.  Additionally, we use this garden project to help apprentice get more acquainted with the delicacies of life.  Caring for plants can be similar to caring for a human being.  It takes time, patience and a whole lot of nurturing.  Dr. Nwamara uses this process to give students a safe foraging environment: providing an opportunity to identify wild-crafted herbs in a contained area.  Auntie Peaches Garden comprises for 25+ herbs.  Student herbalists research and identify these herbs to help increase their core knowledge. 



  • Mullein Leaf

  • Horsetail

  • Mugwort

  • The Gardening Project

  • Passion Flower

  • Eucalyptus

  • Roselle

  • The Gardening Project

  • Comfrey

  • Lemon Balm

  • Wormwood

  • Skullcap

  • The Gardening Project

  • The Gardening Project

  • The Gardening Project

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