with a focus on Traditional African Medicine
 Comprehensive Clinical Herbal Wellness Protocol
Auntie Peaches Clinical Herbal Wellness Protocol is an educational process.  It lends an opportunity for clients to discuss concerns, symptoms, history, and emotional state.  With this information and data, in addition to the Nutritional Live and Dried Blood Analysis, our Chief Clinical Nautropath, Dr. Eshanda James Nwamara, Ph.D., PSc.D, will make dietary, supplemental and herbal recommendations to help guide you in the process of restoring your own health.  All of our herbal teas are custom formulas by Dr. Nwamara.  As a Certified Qualitative Researcher, all presented concerns related to the client's health is researched using Dr. Nwamara's systemic process.
Each protocol design is built around the client's individual history, symptomology, and medical records.  Using our herbal methods, we have helped hundreds with reduction.  Auntie Peaches stores 300+ organic and wildcrafted hers, in-house.  These herbs are used to formulate herbal medicines for human consumption.  Our initial process begins with cleansing and supportive blends to bring symptoms under control.  Once we achieve some stability in this regard, we recommend a higher dosage of strength of new or existing herbs, as tolerated by the client to assist with restoring their body to good health.
During this herbal healing process, it is extremely important that the client fully commits his/herself to the change 100%.
Important to note, Dr. Nwamara is not a medical doctor.  For medical advice please see your physician.   


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